The Feeling of Reality

Earlier this year I read of the experience of the sensual entity gravitational wave. And this experience came forward as the discovery of this entity.

While I have been critical over the ‘discovery’ of entities through science in the past, I have now resolved much of my frustration in qualifying physical entities as distinct from objective or sensual ones. What strikes me now regards the feeling of reality which leads to a disposition of conviction toward the ‘reality’ of those scientific entities. In this case, the sensual entity gravitational wave allowed for the confidence in an objective entity, spoken of through the language of the theory and spoken of as the entity gravitational wave in that theory.

Nietzsche too seems to have addressed this feeling; though, the positive authoritative aspect is lost as the reflection is nestled in an argument about deception (lying).

(See Ronald Speirs’ translation of Friedrich Nietzsche’s On Truth and Lying in a Non-Moral Sense)

It is my assumption that Christians too feel this reality in Jesus Christ—in their experience of his reality. I hear the convictions of the scientific-political and the religious alike. Consider, for example, the subversive manifestations of this feeling. Consider the rhetoric of the political left, John Stewart’s Daily Show, which appeals with a sarcastic/malicious humor persecuting those ignorant to his world. And then contrast this to the those who attack the righteousness of the convinced. Without committing to any content themselves they have said much about their reality. The political right seems to have been the first to commandeer this spirit—a quite admirable movement in the history of truth discourse.