Factual Discourse

It is clear to me why a movement like the flat-earthers has gained in popularity. But let’s be honest—these people are not ignorant of the facts which total the understanding that the earth’s shape is that of a sphere. This is neither a question of cultural exposure nor lack of comprehension. It must be instead rooted in something more fundamental. Put your arrogance behind you.

It is apparent to me that today there is a fundamental reaction against factual discourse and toward experiential discourse—a consequence of experiencing fact as gossip.

(See 30.10.12, Reflection on Experiential Language and 28.07.14, Reflection on Science, Religion)

Therefore, I am certain that flat-earthers are a symptom. And I am completely sympathetic to them despite that I believe they have taken themselves to a self-harming extreme. Despite this, there is a positive aspect in the movement, such as the mockery of inconsequent factual discourse.