Oppression, Factual Discourse

Despite whatever social oppression of which I have read in the news or in history, that discourse feels irrelevant today. And those championing against race, gender, or socioeconomic oppression feel quite shallow. My guess is that future generations will find this historical continuum quite petty, hardly their history.

However, I do feel a certain oppression present in popular discourse: the humiliation of the subjective experiences——“Well that is your subjective opinion!”—as if true/false claims alone have the right to enter into public discourse.

Even if technology one day removes the need of truth/lie claims in public discourse, those claims will forever remain relevant (for example, if later the technology was removed). However, I cannot see any other outcome for public true/false discourse other than the fate which has fallen good/evil discourse—irrelevancy. Within the public these arguments divert attention from essential discourse—the expression of personal experience; therefore, I find myself apathetic to them.