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09/09/2017 / Reflection on

I hear talk of a return to stoicism among a few: Svend Brinkmann’s Stand Firm or Oliver Burkeman’s The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking. There are many others. And I too believe there could be something healthy in this return. My…

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02/09/2017 / Reflection on

I have before been called selfish. And I can neither agree nor disagree to this, as I’m not sure that I understand their meaning. I do however see a type of selfishness in the world. I have heard, “Republicans vote against their interest.” And if…

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05/08/2017 / Reflection on

If the southern Americans want to teach their children creation as part of a public school curriculum, then let them. I say this and have reflected on the revulsion surrounding this idea—this reaction is a curiosity for me. Consider urban decay: while I enjoy subjecting…

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23/07/2017 / Reflection on

Today celebrity atheists are fighting an easy battle by taking up factual discourse to combat Biblical rhetoric. But the reasonable threat to the fandom of science is not the religious, but post-modernism. And what have these celebrities to say here? Consider if another had said,…

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22/07/2017 / Reflection on

Why does a comparison between science and religion seem to lack any substance? Well, today we are plagued by a priority of method. So while the method of religion (revelation) seems quite shallow, apparently there is nothing to compare. But method is not the only…

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