Pecha Kucha Aarhus #39: Metamodernism 

Metamodernism is a theory of an emerging trend in aesthetics which borrows narratives from philosophy and history.

Vejle-based freelance philosopher Justin Carmien takes a trip to Aarhus, to talk about the next societal movement: Metamodernism. Justin talks about the satirical and often pessimistic world of today, where negativity is good television. And he gives us a lightning introduction to metamodernism – The emerging movement where intimacy and listening are the most important aspects.


Pecha Kucha is a presentation format consisting of twenty slides with twenty seconds per slide. Pecha Kucha Aarhus is an organization hosting “open mic” style Pecha Kucha events in Aarhus, Denmark.


International Salons at Spinderihallerne: “What?”—”I Mean Love”

The investigation of “What?”—”I Mean Love” seeks the primordial love experience. Our object is nothing other than the entity “love” as expressed in our common and everyday language. This investigation reveals itself as necessary in light of insufficiencies of the scientific languages which, when attempted, fail to uncover any richer understanding of the love experience itself.

This is all with the purpose of understanding the phenomenal world over-and-against the multiple logical entities in our possession today. My hope is to reinstate the primordiality of our subjective experiences, which are often relegated as inferior to objective or quantifiable ways of talking about the world.


International Salons at Spinderihallerne: Terminus Mechanicae

The ambition of Terminus Mechanicae to engage consideration of entities which fall beyond descriptions in terms of time and space. The conclusion will serve to uproot the primordiality of physics-logic. This is with the purpose of inspiring a worldview tolerant of a discourse enabling a diversity of worldviews, generally.